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Your Law Firm for Business and Banking in Switzerland

20121018-IMG_8496 300We are an international law firm that specialises in banking and business law. Our main office is located in the centre of the private banking industry at Paradeplatz in Zurich. Our team of professionals is composed of experienced banking lawyers, bankers, taxation specialists and economists. We provide banking, legal, tax, fiduciary and corporate services for international high net worth individuals. We work and think internationally. We have established long-term personal relationships with the best private banks and asset management companies.

Our founding partner Enzo Caputo is a Swiss banking lawyer admitted to the Zurich bar with post graduate studies in compliance management and combating money laundering. As former head of the legal and compliance department in the UBS group and former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers he built up a unique relationship network. He has relationships to influential opinion leaders, bank owners, asset managers, prosecutors, judges, professors, state attorneys, journalists, compliance officers and other key players. Our clients benefit from our professional experience and our extensive professional network.

Our corporate services are offered through our offices in Rain, Lucerne, which is the most tax efficient location in Switzerland for legal entities since January 2012. Our Italian clients benefit from our office in Milan, directed by attorney at law Dr. Gabriele Pillon.

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